The Text File "tt04.tsc"

Okay, I don't know where else to put this, but let's quickly talk about the tt04.tsc.

This file will probably have a diffrent number for you, since it is a text file containing the in game text, which changes dependend on the language.

So for me (German), it is 04, but I'm just gonna refer to this file as tt.tsc from now on.

In the tt.tsc file is interesting since it allows you to change in game text and descriptions, but it also allows you to add your own text in to it.

So let's look at a line of code and see how it works.

TT 13001 "Secret Text"

First things first, we got our function TT which maps the text "Secret Text" on to the TT-id 13001.

If we now go to any other file, and change the TT-id value to our ID, the game will display now this text instead.

This is if you wish to create your own text, just do note one thing, that the id counter end at probably 16383. I have reasons to belive that since the highest id is around 15000, and since computers use bit's, 14bits offer you 16384 possible combinations / id's.

The maximum length any text can be (including space and other invisible characters), is 1024 characters. The encoding is UTF-8.


Did you know that you can colour text in this file? Yes!

In order to to the you write something like this: ^960Example Text

The ^ is our function and the free diffrent numbers stand for (in order) Red Green Blue. They range from 0 (Low intensity) to 9 (highest intensity).

So here are some colours:

Name Code
Red ^900
Green ^090
Blue ^009
Yellow ^990
Purple ^606
Red Purpule ^904
Pink ^939
Sky Blue ^099
Orange ^950
Black ^000
White ^999

Rainbow text:


Other than that, there are some unkown symbols that need exploring: ~ / %s %d _ $

Tho %s could be either a time or the score. ~ seems to be a break for descriptions.

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