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In this file there isn't much to do, but you can make the game boot up faster be removing the intro video like this:

17 ChoosePlayMovie     LOGO
17 //ChoosePlayMovie     LOGO

The // is a comment, meaning everything behind them will be ingored by the programm.


Bored of having to go through the menu to start one and JUST one level? Then try the users.tcs line 38!

You will see that the line says:

38 PlayLevel     MENU

Let's change it to:

38 PlayLevel     WO_AXIOM

Did you notice something? Not only does it start a level without a Gamesave, it also put's Wall-E in to an level ment for EVE

We can change this by for example changing it up like this:

38 PlayLevel     WO_AXIOM    P_EVEW

Names for Levels and Characters are disscussed and can be found in the section about the Levels.tsc.


The clone.tsc is one of the most interesting files in the entire game. Not only hosting names of entire classes of enemies, but also gives us the ability to change a small amount of things in the game itself. Tho, outside of this limited use, it has nothing to offer.

I'll write this part out later.


initlib.tsc seems to open up a bunch of binary files (with OpenBF) and loads a bunch of stuff in to the game.

Manipulating this file probably would not yield any results.


LangDef.tsc seems to set the language,.. Yeah that's that.


ResBGIGD.tsc seems to set some basic menu properties.

This one need further investigation.


ResGame.tsc also seems to set some menu properties, or better said, it seems to define menus.

With this you could potentially change the colour theme of the menu.

This one need further investigation.


resrce.tsc also seems to have something to do with menus.

Again.. further investigation needed.

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