Adding or Changing?

In this guide we are only going to discuss how to change set behaviors of some of the game properties

This is what I learned after 3 years of poking at the games clear text/code.

License agreement.

I need to point out two sections of the license agreement here;

License point 3

3. You acknowledge that the Software in source code form remains a confidential trade secret of THQ. You agree not to modify or attempt to reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the Software, except and only to the extent that such activity is expressly permitted by applicable law notwithstanding this limitation.

License point 5

6. You shall not modify the Software or merge the Software into another computer Program (except to the extent the Software is made to operate within a computer operating system and in connection with other computer program) or create derivative works based upon the Software.

This is important for you, because it effectivly forbbids modification (modding) in any way shape or form. So be aware of this, and keep your "mods" to yourself.

Due to this fact I also can't provide modded files or install-scripts to do so; but I can still share my knowledge of what diffrent parts do, and how they effect the game.

Finally, before we move on, I need to point out that this is MY Interpretation of the license. So, do read it for yourself, and don't take my paragraphs as legal advice.

Wall-E .TSC - What is it?

TSC is an THQ/Asobo specific file extension, of which meaning is unkown to me. The file content is a simple script language, probably comparable to LUA

TSC are written in Clear Code / Clear Text. Which just basicly means they read like this:

OpenBF                  BARN\HAY
LoadFont                HAY\BIG_FOOD

OpenBF                  BARN\ALLMINE

OpenBF                  BARN\UTCSYS
LoadSysRtc              UTC\01
LoadSysRtc              UTC\02

And not like compiled code:

What does that mean? Well it means that if you have ANY text editor, you can go in there and do funky stuff.

The Colour Legend

Like a map has a legend which tells you what the different markings on it means, we gonna have a colour legend to make it easier for you to understand what was changed, what neutral code etc, etc..

The most neutral is white code. It has no meaning attached to it.

Then there is orange code, which marks code of interest.

Purple code marks funktions / Declarators, or at least what we suspect to be functions of the game.

Blue code shows that this part is a varible that can be replaced with other variables.

Red code is used to show you code that did was not effected by a change; either in context to the previous change or tho the source code.

Green code shows code that was changed. It is used in combination with red code to make iterative or complex changes easier to see.

Pink is used to show where parts of the website are not done yet / needs additions.

The File and Folder Structure

Here I'm going to define some of the areas where we going to be working in. Currently there are 4 important folders / areas.

For simplifications I'm gonna call each:


I do recommend to back up your entire installation, in order to make complete recovery easier.


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